Spike Prime Extension Cables

LEGO Spike Prime has emerged as a popular platform for introducing students to the exciting world of robotics and coding. With its intuitive interface and versatile components, it encourages creativity, problem-solving, and hands-on learning. To further amplify the possibilities of Spike Prime builds, we are thrilled to introduce the LEGO Spike Prime Connector—an innovative product that allows for extended cable runs, opening up new avenues for imagination and design.

One of the limitations that builders often encounter with their LEGO Spike Prime projects is the restricted length of cables that connect various sensors, motors, and other components. The LEGO Spike Prime Connector addresses this challenge by providing a convenient solution to extend cable runs, allowing builders to experiment with larger and more intricate designs.

The LEGO Spike Prime Connector is designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing Spike Prime system. It is a simple yet powerful accessory that extends the reach of your cables, offering greater flexibility in the placement and arrangement of your motors and sensors.