Sumo Starter Kit

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The Sumo Robot Starter Kit is the perfect solution for anyone looking to learn about robotics and automation. This kit includes a circuit board that uses the RP2040 microcontroller, which supports CircuitPython and Arduino C++, providing a versatile and accessible platform for programming and experimentation.

The circuit board features 4 analog input ports for light sensors and 4 digital inputs for digital distance sensors, providing a wide range of sensor options for detecting and responding to the environment. Additionally, the board features 3 dip switches that can be used to determine the robot's strategy, making it easy to customize and adapt to different challenges.

The 3D printed base that houses the motors is designed as a starting point for students to design and build the rest of the robot, encouraging creativity and exploration.



  • 2x Motors
  • 2x Light Sensors
  • 2x Distance Sensors
  • 3D printed starter chassis (white)

XT30 3S LiPo Battery is not included. Contact us if you need help choosing.

Please use our documentation site to help get started with this kit.

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