IR Seeker 'Hood' Upgrade
At the heart of your robot's senses lies the IRSeeker, a vital sensor that helps your creation find the direction of an IR soccer ball with ease. Today, we're excited to present an upgrade that will improve your robot's performance and sensor durability - the IRSeeker 'Hood Upgrade'!

Designed exclusively for those who already own the IRSeeker, the 'Hood Upgrade' is a game-changing addition that brings you the best of both worlds: enhanced durability and exceptional performance. We listened to your valuable feedback and made this add-on to ensure your sensor remains robust and precise, just like our latest IR seekers that now come equipped with a hood.

What Does the 'Hood Upgrade' Offer?

  1. Superior Durability: Accidents happen, especially when your Spike Prime robot is exploring uncharted territories. The 'Hood Upgrade' protects your IRSeeker from unexpected bumps and collisions, ensuring that it remains fully operational and safe from potential damage.

  2. Unparalleled Performance: Accuracy is the key to success in robotics challenges. The 'Hood Upgrade' optimizes your IRSeeker's ability to detect the direction of an IR ball, providing more precise readings and elevating your robot's performance to a whole new level.

Upgrade Options

We understand that each robotics enthusiast has their unique preferences, which is why we offer two convenient upgrade options:

  1. DIY Option: For the tech-savvy individuals who love to tinker and experiment, our DIY kit is a perfect choice. The package comes with everything you need, along with clear step-by-step instructions. Simply glue the protective hood onto your existing IRSeeker, and you'll take pride in knowing you've personally enhanced your robot's senses.

  2. Professional Upgrade: If you prefer a hassle-free experience, our team of expert technicians is here to assist you. Just send your IRSeeker to us, and we'll handle the upgrade with precision and care. Rest assured, your sensor will return to you in top-notch condition, ready to conquer any challenge you throw its way.


Check out the hood upgrade today.