BotBuilders 2023 - FTC World Championships

Building Block Robotics (BBR) takes immense pride in supporting aspiring robotics enthusiasts and teams worldwide. We are thrilled to share the incredible success story of the Blue BotBuilders, an Australian FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team, who recently made history at the FTC Championships held in Houston in April. Out of 192 teams from across the globe, the Blue BotBuilders stood out by winning a prestigious robot design award in the Jemison division. This remarkable achievement reflects the team's talent and dedication.

One of the crucial elements of their robot's design was the incorporation of BBR's linear slide parts. These included slides, slide inserts, and slide supports, which allowed for smooth and precise linear motion. The Blue BotBuilders recognized the unmatched quality and versatility of BBR's linear slide system, enabling them to build a robot that effortlessly maneuvered through the competition's challenges.

In addition to the linear slide parts, the Blue BotBuilders took advantage of BBR's comprehensive range of auxiliary components. Standoffs, servo horns, bolts, and extender wires provided by BBR played pivotal roles in enhancing the robot's structural integrity, control mechanisms, and electrical connections. By relying on BBR's trusted parts, the team was able to optimize their robot's performance and efficiency.

The Blue BotBuilders' win at the FTC Championships is truly groundbreaking for Australian FTC teams. Their robot design award in the Jemison division marks the first time an Australian team has achieved such recognition. This milestone not only celebrates the Blue BotBuilders' individual success but also underscores the remarkable progress made by Australian robotics teams on the global stage. A big shout out to the QLD Robo Kings (12993), for a world class performance at the event.

At BBR, we are passionate about fostering robotics education and empowering students to explore the realm of robotics. Supporting teams like the Blue BotBuilders, who push boundaries and achieve remarkable milestones, reinforces our belief in the transformative power of hands-on learning and technological innovation.