Metal Gear Smart Servo

Sale price$45.00


Dual mode 17KG metal geared programmable servo. These are ideal for FTC robots and other robotics projects. These are a direct replacement for the REV Robotics servo's provided with starter kits.


Key Specs:

Size: 40*20.1*38.3*54mm

Weight:65g Gear type:Bearing:2 Ball bearings

Horn gear spline:25T(5.9mm)

Connector wire:300mm ±5 mm(Brown ,Red and Yellow)

Motor:Metal brush motor

Splash water resistance:NO

Operating Voltage Range:6V-7.4V

Idle current(at stopped):5mA-7mA

No load speed:0.16 sec/60°

Running current(at no load):130 mA- 150 mA

Peak stall

Stall current:1500 mA-1800mA



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