Right Hand Wio -> Spike Prime Connector

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This is a custom connector that is designed to work with the Seeed Wio Terminal with a connection to a Spike Prime.

The right hand side of the Wio terminal normally can't be used for Serial Uart, since the Rx and Tx lines have been laid out incorrectly for a grove connector. This adapter helps solve that problem. 

Includes a Spike Connector Cable and a Grove Connector Cable.

Combined with this setup code, the Spike and Wio can freely talk together:




static Uart Serial3(&sercom4, D1, D0, SERCOM_RX_PAD_1, UART_TX_PAD_0);

  void setup() {
   pinPeripheral(D0, PIO_SERCOM_ALT);
    pinPeripheral(D1, PIO_SERCOM_ALT);


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