HTD 9mm Wide GT3 Belt

Size: 348mm
Sale price$25.00


The HTD 9mm Wide GT3 Belt, designed for high-torque applications, is a standout component in the robotics domain, especially in the spheres of combat and FTC robots. With a width of 9mm, it ensures superior power transmission, making it a sought-after choice for robotics activities where consistent and powerful motion is imperative. Its GT3 profile, an advancement over the traditional HTD design, offers heightened torque capabilities and a more refined tooth engagement. This design choice results in minimised backlash and augmented precision during motion.

Crafted predominantly from neoprene and reinforced with materials like fiberglass, this belt strikes a balance between flexibility and strength, ensuring durability and minimal elongation during its lifecycle. Its compatibility with Rev Robotics pulleys further accentuates its utility, providing a snug fit and optimised performance, thereby reducing risks associated with slipping or misalignment. Given these attributes, the HTD 9mm Wide GT3 Belt is not just an essential asset for combat robots, but also a reliable component for FTC robot platforms used in educational and competitive landscapes.

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