Foam Wheel Clamping Set (Pair)

Size: 6mm Bore
Sale price$25.00


The foam wheel clamping system is a versatile and practical solution for combat robotics. The system includes 3D printed inserts that are thoughtfully designed to securely grip the EVA foam wheel, ensuring a reliable connection during intense battles. The wheel centre features a precisely machined aluminium clamping hub with a choice of either a 4mm or 6mm bore size, providing flexibility to suit various motor shafts. The clamping hub is attached to the motor shaft using a set screw, ensuring a firm and steady connection. This foam wheel clamping system is available in a convenient set of two, allowing for easy installation and immediate use in combat robotics competitions. It provides an efficient and robust method for attaching foam wheels, granting combat robots the necessary traction and performance during fierce battles.

Each wheel is 30g


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