Early Access - Light Weight Soccer Package

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Introducing the RoboCup Jnr Light Weight Soccer circuit board, designed specifically for students interested in robotics and programming. This circuit board features 12 high-sensitivity IR Seekers that can accurately detect the ball's position, enabling precise movements and strategic gameplay. The board also boasts four motor ports, making it possible to build a holonomic base for smooth and agile movement on the playing field.

To expand the capabilities of the circuit board, it features an expansion port for an Open MV camera and can support up to four ToF (Time of Flight) distance sensors, allowing for even more precise measurements and movements.

Included in the kit are four 600 rpm DC Motors, which can be mounted on the chassis that students will need to design and build to complete their robot. This hands-on approach to building and customizing the robot ensures that students will learn valuable skills in design, engineering, and programming.

The circuit board is compatible with both CircuitPython and Arduino programming languages, giving students the flexibility to choose the programming environment that best suits their needs. With its advanced features and customizable design, the RoboCup Jnr Light Weight Soccer circuit board is the perfect tool for students looking to learn robotics and programming while having fun playing soccer.


  • IRSeeker Board
  • 4x Motors
  • 4x Motor Mounts

Students will need to design the chassis to support the board, motors and light sensor.

The light sensor board is sold separately.


Please note: that the RoboCup Jnr Light Weight Soccer circuit board is currently in the testing/beta stage of development and is being provided for early access. As such, it may contain bugs, glitches, or other issues that are being actively addressed by our development team. We encourage users to provide feedback and report any issues they encounter during use, so that we can continue to improve the product and ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality and functionality. 

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